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We offer a complete stone service from sourcing to fitting

We offer a bespoke service and so the elements of our service may vary from project to project. We regularly work with London’s leading designers and architects, depending on circumstances a project could involve any of the following services.


Our clients have never had so much choice. In addition to the wide variety of natural stone (granite, limestone, marble, onyx, quartz, etc.) which we source from quarries all over the world.

Customers can also now choose from an ever increasing variety of manufactured quartz composite, sintered and porcelain stone with new designs available every month. On top of that we can offer you bigger slabs than anyone: Super Jumbo size 350 x 200, Jumbo size 323 x 163 and Standard 303 x 143.

Fabrication & Finishing

Once we have obtained templated dimensions of the required stone and all finishing details, such as edging and cut outs, have been confirmed we can begin to cut and finish the stone.

The first step is to produce a cutting plan for the slab which maps out how the slab will be carved up. For stone with colour variation clients can choose their preferred part of the slab for the most prominent pieces of the installation. We cut multiple pieces to cover large surfaces and the placement of the seams will also be outlined at this stage.

Site Survey & Templating

We visit your property to take precise measurements and assess access. On visiting the property our fitters will confirm the exact requirements with the client or their representative.

It is important that the surfaces have been prepared and are ready to receive stone prior to our visit. Ideally the number, dimensions and position of cut outs should also have been identified. Once the measurements and template are complete no further changes can be made on site prior to installation.


We have been established for over 6 years and are well known to the industry for our excellent customer service, we pride ourselves in undertaking high quality materials, skilled workmanship and competitive pricing. We are happy to manage all aspects of an assignment, from start to finish.

All we ask is that you check our warranty details.

Kitchen Design

Our Kitchen Design Team is Quick Creative Solutions, a leading and reputable Design and Management Company serving the London area. Ever since we opened for business, we’ve taken a comprehensive approach to project management and design management, providing our clients with a wide range of services to cover their needs.